Grate App Digital

We are the Center piece of Digital. We are Brand Stategy and Development experts that focus on customer enagagement

About Us

Why drift around when you can be the centrepiece?

We craft digital experiences, from Strat to UX to Dev to social media manaagement, direct to customer of the finest artistry.

Right Product Right Market

We take your brand to your customers, we define the personnas and reach them in a digital manner

Up to date

Want the lastest digital experinces?Come to us. We care about your experience champions


We are a diverse team with different backgrounds which allows us to be unique and think unique

Always On Time

We have a team of energetic, time-consious experience champions


Reach your customers on their phones

If your company is not digital then you are in trouble, luckiliy we can bail your out

Reach and reach

We will help you reach your audience wherever they are.


We are not just digital, you will find us activating at the hottest parties, stores and events and we can even create those events for your brand

Social Integration

Social Media is a powerful channel with high CTR, let us craft your Brands Strategy

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