Macbook air touchpad

How to choose perfect laptop

A great laptop can be the best decision one can make in their life, its always key to match what you want and what you need. Do you need a laptop with mountains of storage? anti-glare screen, good speakers or good battery life, these are the questions you must ask yourself


Typically there are two heavyweights when it comes to processors – Intel and AMD

Intel have i3,5 and i7 as their processor ranges with increasing speed as the numbers go up.

Intel also have a lower cost Celeron range which depending on the speed can impact a computers perfromance

Cores – Every processor has cores and the cores basically split the processing where a computer can have one core focused on graphics and one core focused on speed. Currently there are dual and quad core processors available.


The more random access memory (RAM) a computer has the better, with more RAM the computer will be able to multitask better and handle different applications

Typically RAM starts at 2-4Gb for modern computers with some higher spec computers running up to 16-32Gb

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