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Fight the power

Warriors assemble 

Are you ready for load-shedding?

Do you have your rechargeable lights charged?

Candles insight? Matches and lighters at your fingertips?

The kettle boiled and fireplace nice and warm?

What if we told you there was a device you could get that would render all of this futile? 

A device that could power your essentials and more

A device that can keep your TV and router on as you watch the Olympics 

Introducing the mini-Power Station

How does this work you ask yourself? Well you plug it in the wall socket to charge when there is power and run your TV, router, and other appliances when there is no power 

Device No. 1 – RCT 

Get the RCT MegaPower 80000mAh AC Power Bank which has 2 USB ports and AC Power Points 
-Portable compact AC power supply
-Universal AC output socket to power all electronics up to 200W
-USB type A & type C output to charge multiple phones & tablets
-Perfect for camping & outdoor events • Ideal for load shedding as it can
Available for R4700 from the Grate Tech Store 

Device No. 2 – RavPower 

The Gizzu 296Wh Portable Power Station is the ideal solution for power outages. It features a 300W power output, 80000mAh lithium-ion battery, 296Wh, an LED flashlight, and a rugged, portable design for powering various small appliances and devices.
Available for R4599 from the Grate tech store 

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