How to choose a perfect smart watch

Although features and designs vary, smartwatches can help save you time and keep better tabs on your health. Most have have built-in fitness metrics, such as a heart rate sensor and GPS. Some can act as an extension of your phone, while others are marketed as a health-focused devices, like the Fitbit Versa 2 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Some smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 5, even work independently of a phone. But if you want something that gives you a break from your notifications, one of the best fitness trackers might be better for you.

Macbook air touchpad

How to choose perfect laptop

A great laptop can be the best decision one can make in their life, its always key to match what you want and what you need. Do you need a laptop with mountains of storage? anti-glare screen, good speakers or good battery life, these are the questions you must ask yourself


Typically there are two heavyweights when it comes to processors – Intel and AMD

Intel have i3,5 and i7 as their processor ranges with increasing speed as the numbers go up.

Intel also have a lower cost Celeron range which depending on the speed can impact a computers perfromance

Cores – Every processor has cores and the cores basically split the processing where a computer can have one core focused on graphics and one core focused on speed. Currently there are dual and quad core processors available.


The more random access memory (RAM) a computer has the better, with more RAM the computer will be able to multitask better and handle different applications

Typically RAM starts at 2-4Gb for modern computers with some higher spec computers running up to 16-32Gb


How to choose the perfect Wifi repeater

There are many wifi repeaters out there offered by many brands, this article will give you a quick set of criteria to apply when choosing a Wifi repeater


Most Wifi repeaters promise anything from 50-200 meters but in real world conditions this range can drop drastically, choose a repeater with a signal indicator that shows how strong or weak the signal is


There are two Wifi frequencies – 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz and if your router supports dual band then a dual band repeater will help improve your network performance by routing some traffic in one band and routing other traffic in another band

Power Consumption

The less power your router use the more money you will save in electricity costs, try find a router that allows you to set a time when it can switch off and on