1kW Kit Long Backup Power System – TBB Energier Essential Inverter


R14,300 R16,500

1kW 12V Backup Power System

POWER FAILURE? NOT YOUR PROBLEM! Sinetech’s Heavy Duty Backup Power Systems for home or business are the ideal solution to reliable, instant backup power during power outages and loadshedding.

Battery type – OPR Gel

Number batteries –  1

Weight 72 kg
System Size: 1000W
Voltage: 12V
Runtime (4 Hours): With 1 x 120Ah OPR Gel = 120W
With 1 x 180Ah OPR Gel = 190W
With 1 x 240Ah OPR Gel = 250W
With 2 x 120Ah OPR Gel = 250W

With 1 x 105Ah Lead Acid = 120W
With 2 x 105Ah Lead Acid = 250W
With 3 x 105Ah Lead Acid = 380W
With 4 x 105Ah Lead Acid = 510W

Kit Includes:

• 1kW heavy duty inverter with built-in charger with seamless 25mSec switchover
• Battery/ies
• Battery cabinet/s with lid
• Cables, lugs and fuses

Installation is NOT included in price.


Battery Options:

OPR Gel Battery:
Capable of around 2250 cycles at a 50% Depth of Discharge. Rand per kilowatt cost = R1.96. 1 Year Warranty. Expected Lifespan (when cycled once a day at Stated Depth of Discharge): 3 to 10 Years. It is not recommended to add new batteries to an existing battery bank even if they are the same type, brand, voltage and size, as doing so can damage your new batteries.



Installation is NOT included in price.


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