RATEL 418 Mini-UPS


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Don’t you just hate it when load-shedding hits and you have no access to data even tho you have a router?  What if you could keep your Router on during load-shedding/power cuts?
With the Ratel Mini-UPS you can do just that, keeps your router going for 3-4 hours. Will run 1x 9/12v router and a 5V device

Ratel Mini-UPS to provide backup power to your router and charge your phone

Comes with an adjustable 9/12V DC output selector

(4x2200ma Li-Ion) for 4-5 hours outer standby time 

Also comes with a POE interface for VOIP phones


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    • High capacity lithium batteries, provides long backup to the loads
    • High compatibility, suitable for most digital products in the market.
    • USB output (5V), can supply charging for digital products like mobile phone, PDA, PSP, IPOD, MP4…etc.
    • Power Over Ethernet(POE) can transmit the data and power at the same time to simplify wire set.
    • Intelligent circuit design with over-charging, over-discharging and short circuit protections.
    • Built-in adapter allows wide AC voltage range (85~265Vac)


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